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L'Associazione “Il Mondo in un bicchiere” nasce con la vocazione di creare, promuovere e diffondere la cultura del bere in tutte le sue più nobili declinazioni. Vuol essere un riferimento in cui uomini, mezzi e amore per il bere rendono importante qualsiasi iniziativa ad essi associata.



Accessori Vino

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To oxygenate immediately the wine, simply insert the aerator directly into the wine decanter. Then pour in the wine and serve. The system of ventilation and oxygenation in 3-phase provides up to twice as much scent and flavour compared to the service from a bottle or a decanter, traditional.

The three stages of the process of aeration:

the process begins by pouring the wine through the stainless steel filter, catching sediment.
the wine is gently disbursed again, this time through holes inside of the bowl clean in the globe specially designed, providing a new phase of ventilation.
the wine continues into the bottom of the aerator and travels strategically out and onto the sides of the decanter to provide ventilation top and oxygenation.
Finally, the wine rests in the decanter ending the journey bursting with flavour and scent.

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+39 392 325 9335


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