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L'Associazione “Il Mondo in un bicchiere” nasce con la vocazione di creare, promuovere e diffondere la cultura del bere in tutte le sue più nobili declinazioni. Vuol essere un riferimento in cui uomini, mezzi e amore per il bere rendono importante qualsiasi iniziativa ad essi associata.



Tesseramento 2021

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-Visibility on the storefront of the web site
- Direct sales to the end consumer with a discount for members
- Participation in events, initiatives, and events offered by The World in a glass
- Wine Hiking and wine tasting planned by The world in a glass at your company
-Organizer of courses "HOME WINE" and "HOME BAR" approach to wine, cocktails, beer
-Participation in the Show-Cooking Class Experience

By purchasing the MEMBERSHIP 2020 ASKS you to join the “ASSOCIATION of THE WORLD IN A GLASS”,
As an active member: is member, the member who pays the membership fee fixed annually by the Board of Directors;

You CONFIRM you have read and aware of the statute of the association, accept and respect it entirely and in every part of her.

Your data will be used by us only for the purposes of registration and to send you our communications. Will not in any way transmitted to third parties.

You acknowledge that you have Read and Agreed to the ass. The World in a glass the processing of personal data according to the Informative note pursuant to art. 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April, 2016 (“GDPR”)


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+39 392 325 9335


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