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Who We Are

The Association “The World in a glass” was born with the vocation to create, promote and spread the culture of drink in all its noblest forms. Meant to be a reference in which people, means and love to the drink makes it important to any initiative associated with them.



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The World in a glass is a cultural association non-profit that pursues social, educational, cultural, informative, to spread the culture of good wine.
The purpose of the Association is to promote and spread the culture of good wine in all its noblest forms. A unique approach and non conventional a kaleidoscopic world, for the most demanding of enthusiasts and neophytes curious.
The novelty in the field ofHome Bar, a passion that is already consolidated in the rest of Europe, which today takes place in Italy. Can become a of art to present to your friends, your guests with your favourite cocktail in a variety of ways, elegant sporting as well has its own personality.


The opportunity

to learn about the innovations for the aeration of the wine and the reduction of sulphites present in it.
The novelty in the field of accessories for both dining, catering and to our tables.
Those who produce, and what : what's behind the stage? Let's find out. History ,anecdotes, and rituals.
We are the companions of a long journey through a territory that is extremely multi-faceted, like that of the Italy of the wine, the beer and the cocktail, the directors and prompters, according to our philosophy of drink aware, highlighting the routes of the roads of the wine that affect not only the wineries and places of production, but also the artistic treasures and monuments that surround them, treasure chests of use and age-old traditions.



is formed by Chefs, cooks, barmen, sommeliers, managers of hotel, marketing experts, critics, restaurateurs, editors, guides, producers of food raw materials (oils,pasta,etc.), companies in the food and wine industry and everything is a part of the World of good drink.

Our staff is made up of a network of professionals of the drink spread throughout the whole of Sicily.


The Foundation


The World in a glass was founded in 2015 as a simple virtual group on the network facebook of Simonetta Wages, given the great success that it was decided to create a legal identity of the same, transforming it into Association called "The World in your glass".

The enrollment at the' association for the Ristoworld is subject to approval and/or for presentation.

Our association is non-profit,no Staff person and of the Delegations of representation, does not receive any financial compensation, but also working only for the spirit of the regional association.



The Association of The World in a glass realizes its aims with the following activities:

To ttivita’ informative/cultural production, brouchure, magazine articles, video and web services to develop the themes of drinking and decanting of wine, accessories , wine and cocktail bar.

Activities’ of leisure:organization of events, courses, and tastings of different level, a special evening dedicated to the discovery of the world of wine and drink,attendance to events organized by Wineries, Wine bars, Home food, Farms , and similar.

Creative activities: promotion of artists, designers and craftsmen inspired by the World of glass that spread the culture of good wine.

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